Hey Pete Krebs

Pete Krebs. Musician. Portland, Oregon.

see Pete play the guitar and sing at the same time

Regular Shows every month:

Every Sunday • The Revenant Freak Church! Pete joins the members of the Freak Mountain Ramblers and the Holy Modal Rounders for two hours of high energy hi-jinks • 6 - 8pm • Free • Laurelthirst Public House

First Fridays - Pete Krebs/Brent Martens Duo - 7-10pm - free - Vino Veritas Wine Bar: 7835 SE Stark St. Portland. Twin guitar hi-jinx featuring Brent Martens (Ural Thomas and the Pain). Super fun show!

Every Saturday Morning - Pete Krebs and Brother Ian Miller (Thee Catnip Brothers) - 11am-2pm - free - Eat Oyster Bar: 3808 N. Williams Ave. Portland. Join Pete and Ian at EaT for the regular Saturday beignet brunch! No lines, GREAT food and American roots music.

Every Saturday Afternoon - Pete Krebs - 4-6pm - free - The Moon and Sixpence Pub: 2014 NE 42nd Ave. Portland. Join Pete and a revolving cast of delinquents for a casual song session at this NE Portland institution! My personal favorite pub in Portland.

upcoming shows:

Saturdays 4-6pm. Moon And Sixpence Pub. Pete, joined by a revolving cast of ne-er do wells, play Western swing and early jazz. Free!

First Fridays 7-10pm. Vino Veritas in Montavilla. Duo with Brent Martens. Twin guitar hi-jinx ensue. Free!

2nd and 4th Fridays 6-8pm. Secret Society Ballroom. Pete Krebs and His Portland Playboys. High energy Western swing dance. Cover.

1st and 3rd Sundays 6-8pm Laurelthirst Public House. Pete joins up with Dave Reisch and the Freak Family Band, along with Ian Miller, Roger North and Taylor Kingman. Free!

June 15th 7:30pm Artichoke Music - The Portlanders. Cover

June 17th 7-10pm Al’s Den - Along with Turtle VanDemarr and company. Cover

June 19th 7-9pm Grand Lodge Forest Grove, OR. PK solo! Free.

June 20th 9-11pm Secret Society Ballroom PK Swing Quartet swing dance. Cover

June 22nd 8pm THE GREAT FAIS DO DO at the Spare Room, NE Portland. Cajun and Western swing festival, put on by Mr Caleb Klauder. Super fun. Cover!

June 22nd 5-6pm Lake Oswego Arts Festival. PK joins up with Ruthie’s Moan, featuring Turtle VanDemarr, Lynn Conover and friends.

June 23rd 6-8pm Laurelthirst Public House. Ruthie’s Moan happy hour. Free!

June 24th 6-8pm Laurelthirst Public House. PK joins up with the Portland Country Underground for some far-out meditations on honky tonk and bluegrass. Free!

June 27th 5-8pm AC Hotel, downtown Portland. Jazz duo with Brent Martens. Free!

June 28th WANDERFEST FESTIVAL Gaston, OR. 8:30pm. Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings! First show since 2002. Rock n roll all night.

June 29th JACKALOPE FESTIVAL, Pendleton, OR 3:30pm. PK solo at this awesome new festival in my favorite town in Oregon. Cmon out!

July 6th Blue Hour, Portland 9-11pm Jazz Trio, featuring Brent Martens.

July 11th Cully Farmer’s Market 5-7pm. PK solo in the ‘hood! Free

July 14th MCMenamin’s Edgefield 7-10pm PK solo in the wine cellar. Free!

Aug 6th Laurelthirst Public House 9pm, the triumphant return of Thee Catnip Brothers (Ian Miller joins me). Twin guitar mayhem and dance hits. Free.

Aug 9th McMenamin’s Rock Creek Tavern 9pm. Ruthie’s Moan. All-star band, featuring Stevie James, Lynnie Conover, Turtle VanDamarr and Jessie Spero. Rocking the house all night at this historic rural tavern.

Aug 21 McMenamin’s Grand Lodge 7-9pm. PK solo in Forest Grove!

Aug 29th Secret Society Ballroom. 9-11pm. Pete joins the Gypsy Hicks, featuring Pete Lampe, Tracy Kim and James Mason for an evening of hot jazz, Django-style hot club music and Western swing!

Aug 30th. PETE’S 53rd B-DAY BASH!! 6-8pm Laurelthirst Public House. Pete and Lynnie Conover each celebrate another circle round the sun alongside Ruthie’s Moan compadres Jessie Spero, Stevie James and Turtle VanDamarr!!

Aug 31st GOSSAMER WINGS!! Live at the Laurelthirst Pub. 6pm. The Gossamer Wings return to the Laurethirst Pub, playing a mix of material from Pete’s acclaimed solo records. This band rarely performs, so I hope you can make it. Featuring Brent Martens, Ian Miller, Paul Brainard and Ned Folkerth.

Sept 8th Skyline Tavern 1-3pm Pete Krebs + Ian Miller Country Duo. We’re playing acoustic traditional country music on the back patio of this legendary Portland pub!

Sept 9th Laurelthirst Public House. 6-8pm. Pete joins his buddies in the Portland Country Underground for a raucous happy hour show featuring roots music at its finest!

Sept 10th McMenamins Edgefield, Troutdale Oregon. 7-9pm. PK solo down in the Wine Cellar. Original tunes mixed with roots standards and early jazz.

Sept 12th. McMenamins Kennedy School. 6pm.n PK joins Ruthie’s Moan in the old school gym! With Jessie Spero, Turtle VanDamarr, Lynn Conover and Steve James!

Sept 14th FEAST Festival. Noon-2:30pm Wayfinder Brewing SE Portland. The Pete Krebs Country Trio playing acoustic traditional country music alongside amazingly good Texas BBQ as part of the FEAST Festival!

Sept 14th McMenamins Edgefield 5:30-7:30pm Ruthies Moan, celebrating being halfway to St Patricks Day! Wear some green socks!

Sept 15th 1-3pm Skyline Tavern. Pete and Ian return to this legendary Portland institution to play some country music on the back patio. SO nice!

Sept 23rd Laurelthirst Pub 6-8pm. PK rejoins the Portland Country Underground for a thrilling happy hour set of Americana and country music. Free!

Sept 25th Skyline Tavern 7-9pm. PK joins his good buddies in Black Dog to see what its all about! Jump back! Great, earthy tunes with some of the best musicians in town!